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Tranquility is a state of peace or calm. It is accessible to everyone. I can help you reach tranquility through relaxation. Relaxation is a state of existence liberated from tension and stress. Vibrational Sound Therapy, yoga, and guided meditation are some of the techniques I use to help you relax.

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Sonia holding a bowl
Multiple therapeutic singing bowls

Vibrational Sound Therapy is a method of deep relaxation that can relieve stress and improve emotional well-being. It combines vibration and sound to induce an immediate relaxed state. A session is similar to a massage, but you remain fully clothed and the only areas of contact are bowls being placed on the body.


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What is Vibrational Sound Therapy?
Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) is a method of professionally using therapeutic grade singing bowls and other instruments on and around the body for therapy and relaxation.
How Does Vibrational Sound Therapy Work?
Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) combines powerful vibration and tones to induce an immediate relaxed state. The induction of the sound waves directly into the body, along with soothing ambient tones, is such a strong treatment that clients report effects ranging from a meditative state to deep relaxation.
What makes the bowls therapeutic grade?
Therapeutic grade singing bowls may have a similar look to traditional hand hammered bowls, but that is where the similarities end. The bowls used in VST are specifically engineered to provide vibration over sound. The sizes and vibrational characteristics are matched to the various body zones where they are used. The therapeutic series bowls that I work with are designed for use in hospitals and are the safest singing bowls on the market today. The bowls are a perfect bell metal mixture, free of impurities and potentially toxic metals found in traditional cottage industry bowls or antique bowls due to lack of regulation.
What happens during a VST session?
Vibrational Sound therapy has profound effects on the body and the mind. The session is, above all, a method of relaxation. Most people will reach this state of relaxation quickly, even during their first session. During a VST session the body will go through noticeable changes as it responds to deeper and deeper states of rest. Relaxation occurs on the physical level, as well as on the state of consciousness. Sessions generally have very strong effects on alertness and perception. Relaxation during a session brings on the same kind of brain states as yoga, tai chi, and meditation.